The Strava API

Strava athletes upload millions of activities every day. Our open API and this rich data set yield diverse opportunities for developers, from creating new hardware to augmenting the Strava experience.

The Strava V3 API is a publicly available interface that allows developers to access Strava data. The interface is stable and used by the Strava mobile apps. However, we occasionally make major changes to improve performance and enhance our features. See the changelog for more details.

Strava Apps

Thousands of amazing developers from all over the world are making apps for Strava.
Far more athletes are using those apps to augment their Strava experience.
There’s an app for everyone, from those that let you dive deep into the nerdiest of performance data, to an app that helps you make a friend in your neighborhood who runs the same pace as you.

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Agreement & Brand Guidelines

To use the Strava API, you need to comply with the Strava API Agreement and our Brand Guidelines. Mandatory logos, linking, and attribution rules can also be found in the guidelines.

Strava API Agreement

Strava Brand Guidelines

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