June 18th, 2020: The 30-day migration period for affected endpoints has ended

Changes to the Segments API

May 18th, 2020

Recent changes to free and subscription features on Strava will impact the API. You can get all the details on how the free and subscription versions of Strava have changed here.

For 30 days the affected endpoints will return a non-breaking subset of data for free users. After June 18th, they will all either omit the data or return an error message.


Segment Leaderboard endpoint is not available

  • /api/v3/segments/:id/leaderboard

Segment Effort & Leaderboard data, included fields such as kom_rank, are only available for subscribers in the following endpoints.

  • /api/v3/segments/:id
  • /api/v3/segment_efforts [Updated]
  • /api/v3/segment_efforts/:id/streams
  • /api/v3/activities/:id

Individual segment efforts, segment efforts within activities, personal achievements (PRs) and top 10 leaderboard rankings are still available regardless of subscription status.